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Bringing mindfulness into your workplace or life with Randi-Mae is about opening the doorway to peace and compassion that live abundantly within you while staying authentic and strengthening relationships with others and yourself.  Together you explore mindful living, breathing & meditation, visualizations, and mindfulness in motion. Connecting the mind and body.

Because all you need to make a change is within your reach.

Counseling support available at Women’s Health Physiotherapy Centre. Visit www.womenshealthphysiotherapy.ca to book an appointment.


 Join Randi-Mae in Barbados on May 11 & 12 at Codrington College for their symposium on spirituality. Randi-Mae will be speaking about mindfulness and compassion. For more information CLICK HERE

Mindfulness and Self-Care Instructor. Stress Reduction and Management. Wellness Consultant. Speaker. Author.

I work with organizations to make mindfulness and self-care accessible to improve employee wellness and engagement. I also provide one-on-one mindfulness and self-care coaching.

Stress Management, Mindfulness  & Compassion Sessions

1-2 hour workshops. Training for Organizations & Employees. 8 Week Wellness plans. Guided Meditation. Self-development. Motivational Speaker



Invisible Wounds Conference 2017 Speaking about Mindfulness & Resiliency


“I want to say a great big thank you to Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold for coming to speak to 300 + admin support. Randi spoke on self-awareness and added a personal flare that was pretty awesome. If you ever need a speaker that can engage with an audience on a level that most can’t, then Randi is your person. Fabulous, spectacular,  an amazing person with a heart big enough for everyone. thank you again Randi-Mae.”

~Tina Wieringa, Leadership Development Advisor, York Region District School Board

“It’s honestly been amazing working with Randi.  She helped at a time I needed it most.  She showed compassion and cared about my well-being.  She also gave me the tools I will need for the rest of my life.  Through my breathing exercises, I’ve learned to take back control of myself – something I was losing hope I could do!  If you’re considering working with her, or not sure if this is the thing for you just give her a call and have a talk.  What she was able to help me achieve I know she can do the same for you.”

~P.H (8 Week Wellness Plan)

“I have been amazed by Randi-Mae’s professionalism, as a speaker/teacher and how inspiring she is when she leads a group through having them uncover their goals and vision, but also own them for themselves as well.”

~David Cohen, The City of Toronto, The Starter Space Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator

Cultivate a life with compassion & peace by using the breath to guide you to discover your tools within. 

 Meditate with Randi-Mae @ Insight Timer

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