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  • Mindfulness/Wellness in The Workplace: Feeling stressed at work? Do you think your team would benefit from learning new tools or refreshing old tools to manage personal wellness? Let’s work towards building a workplace that your employees want to come to, while letting them know that you are invested in their wellbeing.
  • Meditation: Opening the door to being present while building self-awareness. Would you like to take a break at home or work to get learn something new and feel rejuvenated? Using the breath we discover the peace that is already living within.
  • 8 Week Wellness Plan: Would you like assistance integrating mindfulness tools into your busy life? Learn how to take a pause and discover the art of breathing and its impact on your well-being, self-care and how you view the world, while assisting you with coping with daily stress.


  • Inspired Journeys values the powerful force of creative energy, diversity, love and light.
  • Everyone is worthy of having the opportunity to explore their inner greatness and share it with the world.
  • Everyone is worthy of being seen, heard and cared for
  • Each person will have the opportunity to grow in an environment that is safe and free of judgment.
  • Inspired Journeys commits to nurturing the community through supporting initiatives that are accessible and foster creativity bringing dreams to life.

My goal is to help you find your light within and illuminate your journey. Together we can explore the infinite possibilities that are ready, available and waiting for you. My approach is to create a loving judgment-free environment where you are free to find your strength within.

Coaching is provided on four foundational pillars.

  • Love
    • Self-love and love for others fosters self-worth, awareness and gratitude while creating a safe space where judgment is not present so you can strive to let your unique and authentic self shine.
  • Meditation
    • Being mindful, engaging in moments of stillness to bring clarity and connect with your intuition.
  • Visualization
    • Setting goals and bringing them to fruition through the power of manifestation and creativity.
  • Motion
    • Being in the flow of life with purpose, while using action and physical movement to facilitate change and balance.

Contact me if you are seeking to brighten your journey and live a life with joy and purpose.