Couples Night Out!

Inspired Journeys_Couples

When is the last time you connected with your partner without distractions? Come out and make some time to reconnect with that special someone in your life. The focus of this evening will be to strengthen your connection with your partner through exercises that touch upon your mind, body and soul. Come together with an open heart and mind, and walk away remembering why you’re together.

We’ll be focusing on strengthening the connection from within starting with your breath, to the outside with the written word.

Join me with an open heart and mind.

I look forward to meeting you.


Explore Your Passion

In our present time we are often hearing messages telling us to find our passion and make it our living. Passion is a beautiful word to say. The word itself is seductive and vibrant. When asked, what is your passion? What are you passionate about? How do you feel?

I don’t watch television much but my wonderful cousin sat with me and invited me to watch Chef’s Table.

This series is about food and much more. It’s about people who found the one true thing that opens up the doors to their soul and lets it bend and flex, sing and roar fearlessly. As you watch this show you’ll find people who create with every breath and beat of their heart. They live in the moment with every meal they make.

All of the chefs are beautiful human beings but these three people resonated with me the most. Niki Nakayama, Massimo Bottura, and Francis Mallmann. Niki brought her creativity and desire to create a unique experience for each person who attends her house of food. She keeps a record of every customer who attends her restaurant. Food is her language of expression. Massimo breathes and inhales every moment. He is a man who follows his heart in the kitchen and in his life. Francis reminds us of how important our relationship to life and experience is.

I would argue that there is no hierarchy when we think about passion. You may come alive when you are a gardener. You make come alive as you lay each stone as a landscaper as you watch the design begin to take shape. When you watch your students learn how to read or solve a math equation may delight you. When you provide emotional support to someone and you get to witness something beautiful shift inside of them. The moments when you don’t have to try to be in the present moment, your pure intention to create or provide a heartfelt service makes you behave no other way.

Watch and get inspired. Passion is when your purpose and creative soul dance together to the rhythm of life.

Veneration in daily life: Take a few minutes to list 5 moments in your life when you were doing something that was infused with passion.

Create Your 2016 Goals From Within!



Four easy steps to consider when bringing your goals for 2016 to fruition!

  1. Apply Love!

Are you thinking about making a change in 2016? Whatever your goal is take a moment to apply love to it. How do I apply love to my goals for 2016? By viewing your goal through a loving lens. Does this goal align with my purpose? Does it contribute to my wellbeing and the wellbeing of others? Does it ignite a fire within me that inspires me to be the best version of myself?  Applying love doesn’t stop after you answer these questions. It’s applicable throughout the entire process of achieving your goal. It is practicing having compassion and being gentle with yourself throughout the challenges and opportunities to learn that may occur while you are striving towards your goal.

  1. Bring Clarity!

Sometimes our goals after the first few weeks or months become a little muddy. The inner critic has made their opinion known. People around you may have made suggestions. Our challenges or we could call them opportunities to grow seem a little insurmountable. Take a moment to enter the space of stillness within yourself. Take a few minutes a day to allow your mind, body and spirit to be present through meditation. By practicing meditation, we can develop the ability to quiet the constant internal and external chatter and shift our muddy waters into still waters.

  1. Create It Within!

Many people have said, start how you would like to end. We can do that by visualizing our goals. When you set your goals for 2016 visualize your intended outcome. What would it look like when this goal is completed? Make it colourful. Take a few minutes in the morning or before you go to sleep at night to visualize your goal. After you visualize your goal write it down just as you saw it within your minds eye. Why?

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

  1. Put It into Action!

It’s time to manifest! Take your intention and desire and make a Mind Map or an outline that demonstrates your action plan. With every step you may want to ask, does this bring me closer or further away from where I want to be?

Have a wonderful 2016! Anything you want to do is possible. Allow your dreams and purpose to guide you this year. Let your light shine, and illuminate others as you go along on your journey.

Veneration in daily life: Is there something that you have always wanted to do? Write a book, turn your hobby into a career, find a way to reduce your stress? Take a moment. Close your eyes, take 10 deep breaths in. Ask yourself, what would a successful wholehearted 2016 look like? Start creating!


Why We Write Wednesdays #1

Happy WWWW (Why We Write Wednesdays)!

Every Wednesday we can get together on and celebrate Why We Write Wednesdays. If you love to write, maybe you’re thinking about writing. Or perhaps you write in your journal daily. We all have a story to tell. So let’s celebrate it on Wednesdays and begin to write.

Words are so beautiful. They are like paint to a painter. Just as a painter may splatter hues of gold on to a canvass, writers can scatter words on to a page. Both the painter and the writer are expressing their emotions and vision through their hands, into the paint brush, spray can, pen or keyboard. The magic happens when the words lay on the page and the paint fills a spot that was once blank. The paint and letters come alive right before our eyes.

We can get caught up in the right way to craft the art that wants to enter the world from our soul. We can get stuck in not being good enough or have the right technique, we all have to start somewhere. The truth is if we start creating with our hearts open, it will be written all over the page for another heart to receive.

Veneration in daily life: Today honour the words that your soul wants to birth. Let them pour out freely and unedited. Follow along with the meditation and let the words flow.



Insight From Peter Dennis Author of Spirituality Understanding It and Pursuing It


On August 12, 2015 I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful teacher. Peter Dennis is a man with immense knowledge and a mighty message to share with the world. He is a Hypnotist, Graphoanalyst, Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer, Speaker, Author and Nordic Pole Walking Instructor and much more. What his titles don’t tell you is that Peter is a gentle soul who is here on earth at this present moment to guide people on their spiritual journey.

In one hour Peter Dennis was able to inspire, motivate and teach me, about myself and the world we live in. He gave me an unexpected gift, which was his latest book, Spirituality, Understanding It and Pursuing It. This 89 page book is packed with a wealth of knowledge and is a great resource to add to your book shelf.

Each time I read a book I try to highlight the pages and quotes that broaden my awareness and resonate with my soul. I have selected my top five favourite points of insight, but I encourage you to read this book for yourself so you may find many more.

  • “It’s fair to say that anything we think about or do that either violates another, is fear-based or makes us feel bad will lower vibration.”
  • “Love everything and everyone, as part of the whole, as much as you can, without conditions.”
  • “Ensure that your goals are consistent with your values and life purpose.”
  • “We are spirits, in a physical body having a human experience.”
  • “It is helpful to write goal statements in cursive script describing what we want.”

These five truths remind us that our actions and thoughts are powerful. They have the ability to impact our well-being and in turn our vibration. We have the ability to consciously raise our vibration through written word, thought and actions, which provides us with an opportunity to live with purpose, passion and joy.

You can purchase this book through Amazon, Chapters or Peter’s website.

Veneration in daily life: Make a list of five things you do to lift your vibration or things that make you feel good? Now schedule at least one of them into your busy day.

Where Are We Now?

Heathery Gailey and I collaborating artistic mediums.

Heather Gailey

I am sure everyone has asked this question of another at some point in their life. I know I have. It is a relationship checkpoint question. It is a question used for clarification. It is a question that possesses a tone of longing.

When I decide that it is time to work in my art journal I do not always know what I will write about or what picture will come to life until I begin to write and paint. I feel as if I am merely a vessel or conduit that art flows through. When I enter into an “adventure” I experience it as a meditation or a trance like state and I am not even really sure how I paint what I paint. I am like a medium. I channel art.

If I asked any one of my artist friends who paint, draw, or work with fibres and fabric, they…

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Take A Break!

The workday could feel really long. Especially if you have skipped lunch or didn’t take a break because you were in the flow. The week could feel even longer when it’s only Tuesday and you’re asking your colleagues if it’s Thursday. I think we all know what that feels like. I’ve listed seven affordable and short activities you can do at work that will give you a little break during the day and switch up the gears that may need to be changed.

  1. Go for a walk outside. If it’s cold do a lap in the office or climb the stairs.
  2. Keep a vase on your desk. Nothing fancy, just a Dollar Store vase. Purchase flowers and leave them on your desk until you need to change things up. Take 5 to 10 minutes and make a flower arrangement at your desk.
  3. Listen to an upbeat party song that always gets you moving. Suggestion, put your headphone on and take a 3 to 5 minute dance break. This might take a little bit of courage if you don’t have your own office a closed off cubicle. Dancing in your chair will do. If you boss is cool perhaps they may encourage you to take the headphones off and ask everyone to stand up and participate in the party. Your selling feature to your boss is that the average song is only about 3 to 5 minutes. Everyone will be pumped up and more productive. If you’re the boss well then include it in the workday for all.
  4. Doodle! You are never to old to doodle and you don’t have to have an artistic bone in your body. There are several books on Zen Doodling. All you need is a blank piece of paper. If you want to be green, use the other side of paper that you plan to shred for the day. Check out Heather’s blog or post a question for her about doodling. She is a doodle master.
  5. Make a list of five things that you are grateful for and post it on your desk. Or make a virtual sticky note on your computer. This is a perfect activity when you get the mid week blues.
  6. Google writing prompts. Complete the first one that you lay your eyes on. Set a timer for five minutes and write. If you love writing you might want to keep writing. If you want to keep writing set the timer tomorrow for another five minutes and continue the story.
  7. Keep an inspirational book on your desk. Open it to a random page and take a few minutes to read the page. Does it relate to your day?

These are just seven inexpensive activities you can do while at work. Bring a little joy and creativity to your day and have fun.

Veneration in daily life: Try one activity a day. Or try the same activity for one week? What do you currently do to break up your day? Make a list of things you would like to do.

The Love Puzzle

This is a fantastic workshop. It would be a wonderful opportunity for a party or a date night especially during the month of love.

Heather Gailey

Love is a puzzle that artists, poets, authors, historians, and scientists have tried to piece together for infinity. The intricate pieces that come together for it to work are so precise that it is wonder that anyone ever falls in love, however when all the pieces magically snap into place there is a beautiful rush of emotion, attraction, excitement, and contentment. Sometimes it takes awhile for love to grow, and it does so, slowly over time, and sometimes you can experience the split second experience of love at first sight – When you see a person for the first time and you know that you have a strong connection that makes you want to get to know them better…immediately!

Have you ever been on the edge of new love? Have you ever been on the edge ready to jump off from an old love? Have you ever had issues loving yourself…

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! The reset button has been selected and we now have 365 days to do something awesome! If you want to write a book, you could commit to writing every day for 30 minutes. If you want to improve your well being you could commit 20 minutes a day to meditation. Now I have just committed 50 minutes of your time, multiplied by 365 days… well that’s a lot of time, math has never been my strong point.

I would like to bring a few pieces of wisdom that friends and family have shared with me in 2014 that I would like to bring into the new year.

1. Be your own best friend. We are often able to give advise and provide insight to our friends and family, but it becomes challenging when we have our own issues. You can ask yourself the following: If my best friend was in this situation what would I say to her/him?

2. Approach life with an open heart and from a place of love. Approaching matters whether it be work, friends, relationships with an open heart creates a space to remain authentic and remove a layer of judgment from a situation.

Approaching life from a place of love is a step into living without fear. Love has the ability to over power our fears. At times when someone says something hurtful to us, we have an urge to become defensive and  continue the hurtful exchange of words and energy. By continuing this negative exchange we make a choice to live in fear. Fear that our respect has been compromised. Fear that someone may have power over us. Fear of being left behind. Approaching a situation with love provides you with the ability to position yourself in a place where you can respond with care. The reality is hurt people often hurt people. By responding with love you don’t own someones hurt, yet you shift the vibration of the energy exchange.

3. Follow your dreams. The road may get bumpy. There may be a sudden road closure diverting you to alternate route that you have never taken before or conceived of. You might even be forced to take a break and get a tune up followed by an oil change. After your break get back on the road to your dreams. We all have dreams and it’s up to us to keep them alive and take the road less travelled to get there.

I am a little late with this post as it is officially January 22, 2015. May 2015 bring you growth and opportunities to explore the world you live in and who you are.

Veneration in daily life: Imagine you are your best friend, what would you say to yourself about a current situation that is a source of stress?