5 Ways To Explore Living In The Now!


Mindfulness, wholehearted living and living in the now is a life long journey and practice. Some days we are more present than others. If we still our minds and lower down the volume on our mental gymnastics consisting of leaps and cartwheels from the past to the future then we can create space to invite our hearts to be with us in the present moment. Attempts to shift to present moment and wholehearted living requires us to invest self-compassion credits. On days when it is difficult to use the breath to guide us to stillness, being gentle with ourselves and trusting that we have a new opportunity with each inhale and exhale to start again.

5  little things we can do to explore present moment living.

  1. Delete social media apps from our phones for one week out of every month.
  2. Go somewhere you’re excited about and be present. Notice the urge to take a selfie and share rise within you. Take a deep breath notice the colour, texture, energy and sounds within your environment and return to enjoying your moment undocumented.
  3. Enjoy a conversation without scrolling or texting someone else 3 times a day.
  4. Spend a maximum of 10 minutes in the mirror for one day.
  5. Choose one meal a day and be present with every bite. Fight the urge to take a picture and share. Feel the excitement of your tastes buds and senses responding to every delightful spoonful of your favourite meal.

Try it and see how you feel.

Happy Living.

Simply Listen-Meditate-Reflect

“Be still and listen with your heart, for there is much to learn in the present moment.” Randi-Mae Reflections in My 20’s Searching for Meaning

When we take a moment to listen to someone or to listen to ourselves with our heart we discover so much. It encourages us to engage with each other with and ourselves with compassion. The first audio chapter of my book is available @insighttimer a free meditation app. Click and listen. I read the first chapter, we explore a short guided breath exercise and a reflection. Bring your journal and get comfortable. Or take a short break during the day.

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Be Yourself


Affirmation: “I am worthy of living my life in complete expression of who I am.” Sometimes we bend and flex to live inside someone else’s box, only to find that we are muting parts of our self that need to grow, expand and express. Be yourself in every moment. Something beautiful will happen. #quotestoliveby from my book Reflections in My 20’s available on Amazon and Kindle.

“if you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.” Dr. Maya Angelou

Be who you are and express your creative self. What makes us different makes us unique. Unique changes the world. Go be awesome!

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When I look into the eyes of my son, I often question what will the world look like for him. What will he have to navigate through and what will he be embraced by? I want him to be embraced by a world where love is the standard. I have not always made the best choices in my life, but looking at him as he falls asleep each night and before he wakes up in the morning reminds me that I have to be the change so he can believe it’s possible and expand my intentions to include human upliftment, not just my own life. I share this with hope and belief that the world can and will be a place one day where human upliftment stories will overwhelm the news and media outlets and my son could live in a world where he will meet more people who will greet him with positive intentions. Not just for my son but all of the children living and those who are waiting to be born.

This is a time where we must choose the upliftment of humanity. The existence of “I” as a singular being and the belief that your footprints only impact you is an archaic belief that is no longer valuable to the upliftment of human consciousness. We are a collective consciousness that can have a magnificent impact when we gather together physically, mentally and spiritually with the root intention of love and peace. Spiritually does not mean we change the way we pray, it simply means allowing our spirits to be rooted in the same intention together. 

Let fear not enter into our hearts or be the driving force of our actions, thoughts, and intentions. 
Let love for humanity and the earth be the driving force to persevere and evolve. 

Love is of the soul. True unconditional love is creating an environment where people and beings on all levels of consciousness can grow spiritually, know love and experience the essence of their soul manifest into the world. 

It is trusting that love wins when it is put in the face of fear. 
It is standing and trusting that unity is the way. 

It is the belief that all beings are worthy and deserving of love. No one not an ounce less than the other. 

When a world leader makes choices that are driven and rooted in fear, can you imagine the journey and lifetimes that his soul must have traveled to learn about love? 
So let’s not fear those who do not know love. But band together and let’s and be a living demonstration of the power of love. Whether we would like to believe it or not someone acting out of fear, anger, hatred needs to know and experience love.

Love is not weak or passive. It is a powerful intention and energy. Love as a collective thought is power. Actions rooted in love can change the world. Actions rooted in human upliftment change the world. 

So let’s be the change. However big or small it all matters. 

Invite love to have a seat between you and everyone you meet.
Let’s find our light and illuminate the world.

Becoming the change begins with resetting our intentions daily. But at the beginning as often as we can.

Remembering to be gentle with ourselves. There is always a new moment to try again.

Being the change starts with asking ourselves the following four questions.


  1. Is my intention presently guided towards human upliftment?
  2. Will my actions be uplifting for this person’s journey?
  3. Is my intention rooted in unconditional love?
  4. Will my actions create discord within someone else or myself?


Let’s make a better world. It is possible.

911 Family Support


Register Free! Join us on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 for a wonderful evening of information, inspiration, and support. If you have family and friends in the following roles this could be a great opportunity to connect with other families and support.

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  • Health care professionals
  • Military personnel and their family members
  • Mental health professionals
  • Public safety personnel and their family members

For more information please feel free to contact us at 1-888-288-8036



The journey through continues. Life is a beautiful motion picture, filled with a series of moments. Twists, turns, waves and crossroads filled with lessons gently guiding us to find our truth. Find 20 uninterrupted minutes and let your breath guide you to stillness. Where are you going? Take a glimpse down the road.



1 day to 2017! I hope 2017 brings love, peace, joy and purpose to us all. Open up your journal and write down one thing you would like to see come to fruition in 2017. One thing that you want to see through to completion that will allow you to bring more love and joy into your life. Plant the seed in your mind. Visualise it. Send it love from your heart. Nurture it with actions and steps that will help it grow and flourish. Have a lovely 2017.


Let Go: 2 DAYS TO 2017

2 days until 2017! Sometimes we have to trim our leaves and branches, to experience new growth and prepare for new opportunities. Find a moment to enter into stillness and listen to the whispers of your soul. Ask yourself, what do I need to let go of? Open up your journal and write it down. It may take some time to let go, but the first step is knowing and trusting your inner wisdom. Be gentle with yourself as you begin to let go. It is a process and part of the journey.