Weekly Saturday Meditation Classes @ Moksha Yoga Pickering

Starting on Saturday, October 21, 2017, at 1:00PM I will be teaching weekly mindful meditation classes. Every Saturday you can join me at Moksha Yoga Pickering for 1 hour of meditation.  Register Here

Class DescriptionPeace, love and the tools to relaxation live abundantly within us. Together we will explore present moment living and mindfulness. This class is an invitation to turn within and reconnect. Each class will consist of a guided meditation followed by a silent practice. Classes will take place for 1 hour. The root of each practice is love, compassion, and well-being. You are welcome to bring a yoga mat, blanket, or cushion. Journals are welcome to be used at the end of class should something arise for you during your silent practice.

I look forward to teaching this class weekly.

I hope you can join us at Moksha Yoga Pickering.

Horticultural Therapy Program @ Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre


Sending a huge thank you to the Government of Canada New Horizons for Seniors Program for funding The Horticultural Therapy Project this year.

Horticultural Therapy is using nature as a point of connection to improve well-being. Caring for plants and being present with nature, indoors and outdoors. Including botanically inspired arts and crafts activities. We will be exploring nature walks, yoga, meditation in the garden, and trips that bring us closer to being present with the beauty of nature.

This Wednesday we made a salad with freshly picked produce from the on-site community garden. Red/white kale, radish leaves, parsley, and cucumbers. We added a lime and mangos, with a side of honey & oats bread. Together we created a meal and explored mindful eating.

I’m looking forward to facilitating this program. Come out and join us. All ages are welcome.

The program will be held every Wednesday from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at 627 Queen’s Quay West, Toronto, ON until March 2018.  For more information community@waterfrontnc.ca|416-392-1509 x409


Dance In The Light Of Your Soul…


Dance like no one is watching and set your soul free. 

People will come into our lives and tell us that we are too much or not enough. Stirring the voice of the inner critic that is living within us.

When this occurs and the emotions rise, and you feel like you want to play small or shrink in size and depth. Take a deep breath in, close your eyes and ask these two important question.

What is my truth?

Will I shrink or grow?

Sometimes we are afraid of living a life in full expression of who we are because we are afraid of losing people, situations, and opportunities. If growing means you stay true to who you are. The place where your soul and personality are aligned, then keep on letting your light shine. If shrinking means that your light becomes dim and you feel out of alignment because you’re not living your truth… then contemplate the risk and what it means to you. There is no wrong choice because each bump in the road is simply a lesson and experience in the school of life.

The story behind the picture: One Saturday morning my son and I went to the beach. In our family we call it the secret beach. Because it is a little magical spot where the water is calm and surprisingly warm during the summer, and there is never more than a handful of people there if any. I brought my portable speaker and played a song my band mate Sammy and I composed that reminded me of the spirits of the water. My son and I danced in the water. People came and left and we kept dancing. We jumped and splashed and enjoyed being in the present moment. My five year old stopped and took this picture.

As we drove home I looked back and watched him as he gazed upon the wild flowers of purple, yellow and orange growing along side the road. He said, “mommy the flowers out here are so beautiful.”

We can tell our children to slow down and dance like no one is watching even when they are. But if we don’t show them and invite them to do it with us, then it becomes a lesson that we hold them back from.

Wake up today and do your own dance. What ever that thing is that aligns your entire being. Be an expression of the beautiful light that you are.


Breathe into Peace

When tIMG_2356hings don’t seem to get easier, there is growth happening. No matter how many years we are chronologically we have more life to live. I don’t mean having more money, or another relationship or circumstance that we think is better. But the simple act of being present in the here and now.  Any situation is for a time. But throughout all of this remember. That no matter how much is going on around you, you can be the eye of the storm that calm space. Sit still and breathe for a moment. Being still to breathe is not a waste of time. It allows us to reconnect with our soul with the grounding energy inside so we can walk back into the storm aligned with our truth and fresh eyes.

Peace is always living inside of you. It’s just waiting for you to take a moment to greet it.

The emotional hearts weight and stress can be shifted. But it has its purpose. Our response to stress is an invitation to stop, breathe and reflect. And make the adjustment that aligns with the truth within.

You are a bright light. When in doubt reflect on all of the lives you have changed, support and enrich.

When in doubt, put your hand on your heart and say I love you. Feel that which lives within you. It is beautiful.

May peace be present in your heart where ever you are and whatever you are experiencing.

We are all on our journey learning and growing no one is exempted. So let’s be gentle with ourselves and each other.

Happy meditating.

Mindful Meditation Classes Sat Apr 29


Sat Apr 29 meditation classes

Missed a class? Don’t worry join me next Saturday April 29, 2017.

Register @ www.randimae.org/classes

Start your weekend with mindful meditation. Mindful meditation helps us to relax, get grounded and be present. Spend 45 minutes and discover that peace is present within you. I will facilitate a guided meditation that focuses on the breath with the intention of relaxation and calm. Join me and stress less. Bring your yoga mat and a blanket if you want to be cozy. If you have a favourite meditation cushion you are welcome to bring it. People often ask, how long will I be sitting for? 5 minutes of intro and getting settled. 5 minutes of setting intentions with a short reading to inspire us. 30 minutes of practice and 5 minutes to close.
This class is open to beginners and all levels. It’s simply a moment to be still and reconnect.
Looking forward to seeing you.
Have a lovely day!

Mindful Meditation Classes!

Join me this Saturday morning and begin your weekend with mindful meditation. Together we will use the breath to guide us to the calm place within. 10 mins of setting our intentions and 30 minutes sitting practice. Register online @ www.randimae.org/classes Classes will be held in Ajax at 125 Delaney Dr. Bring your yoga mat, pillow, or cushion. Bring a blanket if you want to get comfy.

Mindful Meditation Apr222017

5 Ways To Explore Living In The Now!


Mindfulness, wholehearted living and living in the now is a life long journey and practice. Some days we are more present than others. If we still our minds and lower down the volume on our mental gymnastics consisting of leaps and cartwheels from the past to the future then we can create space to invite our hearts to be with us in the present moment. Attempts to shift to present moment and wholehearted living requires us to invest self-compassion credits. On days when it is difficult to use the breath to guide us to stillness, being gentle with ourselves and trusting that we have a new opportunity with each inhale and exhale to start again.

5  little things we can do to explore present moment living.

  1. Delete social media apps from our phones for one week out of every month.
  2. Go somewhere you’re excited about and be present. Notice the urge to take a selfie and share rise within you. Take a deep breath notice the colour, texture, energy and sounds within your environment and return to enjoying your moment undocumented.
  3. Enjoy a conversation without scrolling or texting someone else 3 times a day.
  4. Spend a maximum of 10 minutes in the mirror for one day.
  5. Choose one meal a day and be present with every bite. Fight the urge to take a picture and share. Feel the excitement of your tastes buds and senses responding to every delightful spoonful of your favourite meal.

Try it and see how you feel.

Happy Living.