To Make Love

Sensual energy is beautiful and divine; it is an expression of creation and life in motion. It invites us to experience delight, warmth and vibrancy. To hide our sensual energy is like denying a flower to bloom. To live for a moment like we are making love to life. Enjoy all that surrounds us. I invite you to eat something that you truly enjoy today. Notice all of the flavours and textures, notice the smell of the food. Be present with the meal like an attentive lover.

If you have a partner, notice what they smell like. How does their skin feel? What does their presence feel like? Look into their eyes, what do you see? Place your head on their heart, what do you feel? Slow down to experience the richness of who they are.

Greet yourself with this energy. Touch your skin softly. What does it feel like? What is it like to be embraced by your own sensual energy?

Today I invite you to experience life through all of your senses.

With Infinite Love,



And if I told you how beautiful you are and that the sun and moon rose within the spark of light within you that is so powerful, it could warm the world on its coldest day, and if you do not see it in yourself, you would never believe me. And if I told you, you were loved beyond comprehension by heavenly hosts and 10,000 women that came before you, if you did not feel it, you would not believe me.

To know thyself is the greatest gift you can give yourself and to the world. To love the Universe is to love yourself, because you are an extension of the Universe, not separate but whole. To love the Universe, you must love yourself and those around you because we are not separate; we are One.

As you step into the world today, greet each moment and everything in it with love.

With Infinite Love,


Trust, You are held

Today I invite you to step into a trust relationship with Life/Universe/God. Trust that you are held in the arms of infinite love. Love that is unconditional. Love that does not condemn you but universal love that holds you without reason or cause. Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep breath in, and a gentle and slow breath out. I Am held in the loving arms of the Divine. (Universe/God/Life/Divine Mother) whatever is in alignment with your truth. I Am the divine presense of love manifested into form. The love that surrounds me, lives within me. You are held in every step, every breath, every thought. When we walk with a knowing we are held, we release the energy of fear and scarcity.

Today I invite you to know that you are held, like a child in the loving arms of a parent.

With Infinite Love,


Entering into Stillness

Stillness speaks in a language that the soul will understand, and the mind will silence to receive. Take a pause today to wholeheartedly step into stillness. Open your heart to being in the present moment. Stillness speaks in a vibration that is familiar to our soul. In this state, the chatter of the mind quiets and opens to receive truly. Without analysis from past data, it has collected on your behalf. You can be in the shower, in nature, sitting in your car. Take a pause today, step into stillness for ten minutes.

Today I invite you to attune yourself with stillness, this too is a part of you.

With Infinite Love,


Thinking, Moving, Being

Like a spider web of the divine, every word and thought has an invisible line. A ray of light that bursts out into the unknown to expand into consciousness. Our essence is energy brought into form. Every thought has a vibration. Take a pause, close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and a gentle breath out. Ask yourself the following questions, What vibration do I feel called to root myself in today? Notice what arises for you. As you start your day, affirm the vibration that you intend to root your thoughts, actions and being in. Notice how your thoughts change, notice how life around you may change, notice if there is peace emanating from your being as you step into alignment with your vibrational truth. 

Affirmations: Today I ground my thoughts, actions and being in love. Today I ground my thoughts, actions and being in peace. Today I ground my thoughts, actions and being in joy. Today I ground my thoughts, actions and being in clarity.

Notice what you feel called to align with today, and breathe into it.

May you live in your highest vibration today.



Thank You is a Prayer

I want to invite you to slow down today and simply say, thank you. Where ever you are in this moment reading this. Take a pause. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and on your exhale say thank you within your mind. Life is a beautiful blessing. As the breath of life moves through you today take a pause a few times and be present with your breath, and invite gratitude into your life.

You will notice that whatever is happening feels lighter once you say thank you from within. This is a part of being in communion with life/Universe/God. Gratitude lifts our vibration out of this is happening to me, into life is moving with me in divine union.

May you discover how beautiful your day truly is.



In the end…

Today I invite you to explore this idea for a few moments. In the end, what is essential? Life is going a mile a minute; every day, things happen so quickly. We say hello without slowing down to look the one we are saying hello to in the eyes and greet them from within. When you say goodbye to a loved one, I urge you to say it with meaning. Hug them with an embrace that says although I am leaving I am so glad I am here now. Kiss your lover when you say goodbye as passionately as you did the first time you kissed. Let love fill all of the spaces of your being. Let it flow freely out of this form.

Love and the experience of being present are all that is left in the end. Letting go of the shoulds, the quest to possess and acquire. In the end, all that matters is the essence of our being. And in this essence, you are love free of form.

While you are in this form, what will you do with this precious time, with each sacred encounter, with moments that are abundant and yet as fleeting as a grain of sand being washed away into the sea?

Reflecting on Moments

There is something beautiful brewing in quiet moments. There is something stirring in solitude. And there is something breaking free in tears. Light is trying to shine, and an idea is trying to be birthed. Try not to run from these moments. They too are worthy of your presence.

With Love,


The Timing of Your Life

I want to invite you to pause. Take a deep breath, and consider the timing of your life. Think about the times when you thought something was impossible and the moment it became possible.

Sometimes we stop and say this person did that and that person ended this. And this person didn’t help. Trust the process of life. Life will take you where you are destined to go. Sometimes a U-turn shows up. Remember no moment can ever be the same therefore the U-turn is just a moment to reflect and reset. You’re going to be okay. Nothing happens that isn’t a part of your growth. Sometimes the depths have inspired you to open your wings and try to fly.

List 3 things that you once thought were impossible that became possible in your life.

Have a wonderful day.

Trust the timing of your life.

Love Randi-Mae


Patience begins with allowing. Allowing occurs when we open the door to being present with the flow of life. We can start by being present with the flow of the breath.

Noticing when emotions, challenges, and situations arise when we return to the breath all that is occurring before us does not define us as it flows into our lives and floats out at its own time and pace.

At times we become stuck on our journey, distracted by a feeling or situation that we can’t seem to understand or a feeling that captures us making us feel like a prisoner in our own minds. It is when we fight this feeling that the experience of suffering becomes like a siren that can’t be turned off. Our impatience that wants the change to happen right now just the way we want it. But it is when we allow ourselves to sit with the feeling a quiet voice will whisper and say. “There is no suffering only changes.”

The suffering is the mind trying to understand and make sense of the past separating us from the present.

The waves can only ride high for so long, eventually becoming gentle waves lapping at our feet.  Be gentle with yourself as you learn, grow, and explore.

Sending love & light


beach water steps sand
Photo by Adrianna Calvo