In the end…

Today I invite you to explore this idea for a few moments. In the end, what is essential? Life is going a mile a minute; every day, things happen so quickly. We say hello without slowing down to look the one we are saying hello to in the eyes and greet them from within. When you say goodbye to a loved one, I urge you to say it with meaning. Hug them with an embrace that says although I am leaving I am so glad I am here now. Kiss your lover when you say goodbye as passionately as you did the first time you kissed. Let love fill all of the spaces of your being. Let it flow freely out of this form.

Love and the experience of being present are all that is left in the end. Letting go of the shoulds, the quest to possess and acquire. In the end, all that matters is the essence of our being. And in this essence, you are love free of form.

While you are in this form, what will you do with this precious time, with each sacred encounter, with moments that are abundant and yet as fleeting as a grain of sand being washed away into the sea?

Reflecting on Moments

There is something beautiful brewing in quiet moments. There is something stirring in solitude. And there is something breaking free in tears. Light is trying to shine, and an idea is trying to be birthed. Try not to run from these moments. They too are worthy of your presence.

With Love,


The Timing of Your Life

I want to invite you to pause. Take a deep breath, and consider the timing of your life. Think about the times when you thought something was impossible and the moment it became possible.

Sometimes we stop and say this person did that and that person ended this. And this person didn’t help. Trust the process of life. Life will take you where you are destined to go. Sometimes a U-turn shows up. Remember no moment can ever be the same therefore the U-turn is just a moment to reflect and reset. You’re going to be okay. Nothing happens that isn’t a part of your growth. Sometimes the depths have inspired you to open your wings and try to fly.

List 3 things that you once thought were impossible that became possible in your life.

Have a wonderful day.

Trust the timing of your life.

Love Randi-Mae


Patience begins with allowing. Allowing occurs when we open the door to being present with the flow of life. We can start by being present with the flow of the breath.

Noticing when emotions, challenges, and situations arise when we return to the breath all that is occurring before us does not define us as it flows into our lives and floats out at its own time and pace.

At times we become stuck on our journey, distracted by a feeling or situation that we can’t seem to understand or a feeling that captures us making us feel like a prisoner in our own minds. It is when we fight this feeling that the experience of suffering becomes like a siren that can’t be turned off. Our impatience that wants the change to happen right now just the way we want it. But it is when we allow ourselves to sit with the feeling a quiet voice will whisper and say. “There is no suffering only changes.”

The suffering is the mind trying to understand and make sense of the past separating us from the present.

The waves can only ride high for so long, eventually becoming gentle waves lapping at our feet.  Be gentle with yourself as you learn, grow, and explore.

Sending love & light


beach water steps sand
Photo by Adrianna Calvo


The full article Dear Woman can be found on the Sivana Spirit website Read Article Here at Sivana Spirit

I’m truly honoured and grateful to share and be a storyteller on the Sivana Spirit Blog.

Dear Woman,
Take a moment to slow down and pause. Show up just as you are in the here and now. Your morning smile without makeup and products is a true divine work of art. You are beautiful just as you are. Your skin, the fabric oIMG_0879f the universe is just the right complexion and tone. Your body is exactly the shape it was meant to be in this moment. Curvy, thin, voluptuous. No matter what label you want to put on it’s perfect in the here and now. Accept it. Love it. Own it. Your body works so hard for you even when you are sleeping. It is just asking to be loved, cared for and accepted. Speak softly to it as it grows, ages, and transforms. Know that you are beautiful no matter how many likes you get. Or how many people unfollow you. Other people’s judgments of you don’t define you. Because the truth is. You are love incarnated into this physical form. The truth is you are love and loved unconditionally.

Dear woman, you are phenomenal.
Believe it.
Remember it.

Read the rest of the article here

Sending Love & Light,




Speak softly to your body. Let it hear loving words from the inside out.
Eventually, the negative conversation about your physical appearance subsides.

Speak Softly by Randi-Mae

Eventually, you will look at your stretch marks and wrinkles around your navel and say “I love you.”
Eventually, you look at your breasts and see their beauty.

Eventually, you will see the sacred geometry in the curls of your crown we call hair. And let it be free.
Eventually, you will see your body as a beautiful vessel that encases the light of your soul.
Eventually, the inner critic will have less to say.
But it starts with speaking softly to your body. Speaking softly to yourself.
Offer the first words of kindness.

How we speak to others matters. How we speak to children matters. How we speak to our friends and lovers matter. How we speak to ourselves is precious and sacred. I know it’s hard sometimes, but the first step begins with offering an olive branch of kind words and compassion to yourself. Some conversations are hard to start. When we start them we know they were worth it in the end because we realize the healing journey has begun.

Start the dialogue with your body today. It’s listening. Speak softly just like you would speak to a lover.

Happy Monday.

Love you.


You were born knowing and connected. Source energy was so strong when you came into form that peace and joy were parts of your natural way of being. Regardless we come here to learn, experience and grow with these tools living within usIMG_9955. When the lessons get heavy, and the growing feels like breaking through scabs and fresh skin, remember you were born knowing and this is the process of remembering, releasing, transforming and returning home. Before you were born you lived in a womb for nine months, but in actuality, you were surrounded in weightlessness, stillness and a sense of peace, protected and cared for by something that did not ask you what you needed but provided it to you instinctually through your divine connection. The flow of life, source, divine love has and will always be a part of your being. You were born knowing and connected.

How does this serve you in the here and now?

When life gets challenging slow down. Close your eyes use your breath as the guide to stillness ask yourself these questions.

For challenging circumstances in your life.
How could this matter be resolved with love serving the highest good of all involved?

For exploring living with purpose.
What would make my heart sing, which aligns with the energy of my being?

We are all connected to source, and we all can get still and listen. As children, we had this beautiful trust in life and knowing. We asked for what we wanted and we didn’t always have to know how it was going to arrive. But we would put it out there with confidence and experienced the joy of arriving. If we weren’t sure we would ask a million questions. We can still ask, we can turn within and ask and rebuild the relationship with trust and connection with the flow of life within that’s waiting for us like a loving parent for us to ask.

Affirmation: I Am connected to Divine Love. I Am Love.

The Journey of Peace & Joy

Peace & Joy sft_1

Peace and joy reside within your being. They also are weaved into the fabric of life and creation. They live in nature authentically and invite us to be present to remember that which we see and observe outside of us is also living within us. Like a mirror reflecting our own image in various forms reminding us that we are not separate. The peace which you observe when you listen to the leaves gently clapping in the wind is the same peace that lives within you each time the breath of life moves through your lungs. The joy that you may experience as you watch two butterflies dance before you, is simply a gentle nudge to remember that joy is radiating within.

What does it mean to slow down? Well… it means just that. This week I spoke at a beautiful conference called Invisible Wounds for Health Care Professionals. Deborah MacDonald creates these beautiful opportunities for people to share and heal across the Greater Toronto Area. While I was there I slowed down and enjoyed each person I met and the energy in the room. I decided to capture the moments with my mind, body, and spirit instead of pictures. I decided to stay one more night and just enjoy the magic of being. I quietly watched the sunset and ate a wood oven baked pizza by myself. Enjoying the toppings and the flavours with each bite. I did tai chi and breathed deeply with each movement in silence as the sun lowered and watched the sky change colour as if someone somewhere was painting a picture and I got to watch it manifest in real time. I listened and felt the energy of life and the earth. I wrote what was moving through my being. I showered and took my time. I looked out the window and observed the farm across the way.  The following day I drove to the farm and thanked the farmer for all of his hard work and preserving the land as it was the beautiful landscape I slept and woke up to and cried as I thanked him. I walked by a river and dipped my hands in the water. Each time butterflies came to greet me I stopped and said thank you. I went on a hike with two beautiful people and we ate lunch and I ate the most divine bread that was made from scratch with love. I listened to guided meditations and played soft music to lull me to sleep. I woke up with the sun beaming on my face calling me to watch it rise. I’m telling you this only to invite you into the awareness that you can slow down and enter the magic of what awaits you within. I could go on but by now you understand what slowing down means. Being present. Not thinking about what’s next just being. I felt this joy and peace radiate from within and wash over me.

This was the moment that I captured in the picture. The energy of being. It is always living within us. Life invites us to slow down and remember that joy and peace live abundantly within us. Never separate and never far. We just have to slow down and be. Embrace the energy of our soul that is whole and perfect just as it is. Each breath is an invitation and gift to live in the present moment.

Close your eyes and say, “Peace lives abundantly within me. I Am Peace. Joy lives abundantly within me. I Am Joy. Today I open my mind and heart to live in the vibration of peace and joy.”

May peace and joy arise from within today and surround you.

With light and Love,





In seeking balance, we realize that there are only moments.

In seeking tranquility, we recognize that it is not just a travel destination it is a place within us that can begin when we begin to be present in the here and now.

In seeking peace, we realize that before it manifests in the outer world, there is a sacred place within where still waters move deeply with ease, and we can visit it each time we breathe.

The sound of our inner bell calls us when it is time to shift, grow, and awaken.

We were born with it. It’s the sound and rhythm of the heart that beats and the sound of the air that moves through the body as we expand and contract our lungs with the breath of life.

We often strive for balance and perfection, and we feel the pressure to find it. In mindfulness, we explore the idea of non-striving. Sometimes our greatest lessons and growth arrive when we are in what appears to be out of balance. Or in moments when we just stop to breathe and be in the midst of chaos. These moments can call us home to be in alignment with the present moment and the energy of our soul, and bring us to our true destination.

{Breathing Deeply With Soul ©️Randi-Mae}

Healing The Heart

The journey of our heart is beautiful chaos as we navigate through the challenges of daily life. Trust in the journey that each step of the way regardless of how we define it, is part of the healing journey to free our heart, opening us to divine love.

As I support people on their healing journey I’m often reminding of the journey of the heart. The twists and turns and the vibrant light that shines through.

When I looked closely at the heart of this statue I could see the reminder.

Be gentle with your heart.


Fallen Tears

I once believed my tears had fallen in vain.

That my nights of wet pillows were all that I had.

My dreams of being alive were far and only wishes and desires.

That each night I slept and woke up with forlorn eyes and an aching in my heart that it would not end just numb, so I could go on.

What I didn’t know was each fear was being heard.

Each wet pillow was being dried.

Every wish was being kneaded into existence and baked at a temperature that required my patience.

As I begin to sit still in my patience I can feel for the first time the warmth of joy beginning to brush against my cheeks.

{poetry: Randi-Mae | Breathing Deeply With Soul©️}

We are all beautiful lights on a journey. Each time we break through our hurt, pain, and suffering we make room to let the light shine through and breathe a little easier.

I hope you have a lovely day.

With Love & Light Randi-Mae