Mindful Mondays @ The Robert McLaughlin Gallery!

Join me on Monday September 26th for Mindful Mondays. We will be starting our fall session and it will take place over six weeks ending on Monday November 7th. So what is Mindful Mondays? It is an opportunity to take a lunch break and connect your body and mind using your breath. We will complete guidedContinue reading “Mindful Mondays @ The Robert McLaughlin Gallery!”

Inspired By Youth Entrepreneurs!

I’m so grateful that I teach the first workshop on goals, vision and mindfulness at the Starter Space Program for the city of Toronto. This program assist youth entrepreneurs who have a dream to bring their ideas to fruition. As we went around and each person said their name and the moment that the seedContinue reading “Inspired By Youth Entrepreneurs!”

Thank You Thursdays

To today is Thursday. It’s #tbt Throw Back Thursday and more importantly its #thankyouthursdays. When we think about honouring our daily lives, think about the people in your life and the circumstances. On any given day you can find one person to simply say… thank you. I would like to celebrate Thank You Thursdays #thankyouthursdays. TheContinue reading “Thank You Thursdays”

Veneration in Daily Life: Thank You

  Veneration in Daily Life: Thank You Veneration in daily life is the idea that we can honour our moments daily. We often wait for celebrations, birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate. Why not honour the day to day moments? We can simply stop and take a moment to say thank you. We can say thankContinue reading “Veneration in Daily Life: Thank You”

Reflections in My 20’s AVAILABLE ON AMAZON & KINDLE

Purchase my book. Since 2014 I’ve been writing daily reflections. I hope it will be helpful or just give people a moment to stop and slow down. Read a chapter and turn within. Answer the question at the end of the chapter. I think it’s important that we share our journey, challenges and insights along theContinue reading “Reflections in My 20’s AVAILABLE ON AMAZON & KINDLE”