Horticultural Therapy Program @ Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre

Sending a huge thank you to the Government of Canada New Horizons for Seniors Program for funding The Horticultural Therapy Project this year. Horticultural Therapy is using nature as a point of connection to improve well-being. Caring for plants and being present with nature, indoors and outdoors. Including botanically inspired arts and crafts activities. WeContinue reading “Horticultural Therapy Program @ Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre”

Mindful Meditation Classes Sat Apr 29

  Missed a class? Don’t worry join me next Saturday April 29, 2017. Register @ www.randimae.org/classes Start your weekend with mindful meditation. Mindful meditation helps us to relax, get grounded and be present. Spend 45 minutes and discover that peace is present within you. I will facilitate a guided meditation that focuses on the breath with the intention ofContinue reading “Mindful Meditation Classes Sat Apr 29”

Be Yourself

Affirmation: “I am worthy of living my life in complete expression of who I am.” Sometimes we bend and flex to live inside someone else’s box, only to find that we are muting parts of our self that need to grow, expand and express. Be yourself in every moment. Something beautiful will happen. #quotestoliveby fromContinue reading “Be Yourself”