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Randi-Mae is a Mindfulness and Self-Care Instructor, Counselor, Author, Workplace Wellness Consultant & motivational public speaker

Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold is an author, mindfulness facilitator and a professional speaker. Randi-Mae is the founder of Mindful Living Barbados, an annual wellness event that invites people to meditate, learn, grow and align as they nurture their mind, body and soul. She focuses on wellness in the workplace, compassion, self-care and personal development. She has worked with the York Region District School Board, Victim Services, York Regional Police Service, The City of Toronto, The Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre, Micro Skills, TEMA, University of the West Indies, Environment Canada, Service Canada and other community groups and organizations.

She has lectured at Humber College and Bermuda College. She has been a speaker at conferences including the International Positive Psychology Conference, The University of the West Indies, and Timeless Spirituality Symposium at Codrington College in Barbados. She has been interviewed by CTV London, RogersTV Durham, and Mornin’ Barbados.
Prior to starting her own counseling and wellness business, she was a crisis counselor for five years at Victim Services of Peel and Victim Services of Durham. Providing immediate support to individuals and families through challenging experiences like domestic violence, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, attempt murder, homicide, suicide, suicide survivors, human trafficking and victims of crime.
Randi-Mae is an author and meditation teacher. Her guided meditations are available on the global meditation application Insight Timer. Her book Reflections in My 20’s Searching for Meaning is available at Amazon in print, Kindle – Ebook and available in print at the University of the West Indies bookstore Cave Hill campus.
She is a registered Social Service Worker. Holding a diploma in Social Services from Humber College and a degree in Family and Community Social Services from The University of Guelph. A certificate in Applied Mindful Meditation from the University of Toronto, Mindful Motherhood Facilitator certification, and several other training in threat assessment and domestic violence.

Randi-Mae brings a high level of vibrancy and compassion when she works with individuals, groups, and organizations. She genuinely believes that work/life integration through mindfulness and compassion can transform our wellness and health as a society.
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