Kids are so beautiful; they remind us to get out of our comfort zone and be playful. They remind us to take adventures, laugh, and to listen. Today’s reflection is a little personal. Yesterday my son said we should camp in the back yard. So I laughed and then quickly googled Canadian Tire/ Tent. We got in the car and purchased a $39 tent, came home and put it together. Threw the tent onto the trampoline and set up the inside with blankets, pillows and stuffed dinosaurs. We created a treetop campsite in our imaginations. Our bed time story was a journal that I wrote for him while I was pregnant. As I read the journal, he began to cry. He said, I feel so loved. I realized the gift of sleeping in nature. The gift of being present. Listening to the leaves move in the breeze, the birds singing in the morning, gazing at the stars and being present. Yesterday and most days, my son is my little guide reminding me to be open.

Today I invite you to listen to the playful child within and notice what they are asking you to explore.

Sending Infinite Love,


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Hello and welcome! My name is Randi-Mae and I am a author, counselor and inspirational speaker, or simply a woman on a journey with a mission to help people, explore the journey to peace within and living with joy. From a young age I have always had a curiosity about life and purpose. I was blessed to have parents who instilled in me the idea of self love and the concept of “love thy self.” Whether they believed it or not it was the message that they were meant to give me as my parents that has always had a place within me. It is a one of the four principles I include while working with people. The foundation of my practice rests upon the following four principles. Love Meditation Visualization Motion My goal and purpose is to assist you with discovering your strength and intuition through tapping into the insight and wisdom you have gained along the way on your journey while you actively participate in the school of life through lessons and experiences. Have a lovely day. Randi-Mae

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