In the end…

Today I invite you to explore this idea for a few moments. In the end, what is essential? Life is going a mile a minute; every day, things happen so quickly. We say hello without slowing down to look the one we are saying hello to in the eyes and greet them from within. When you say goodbye to a loved one, I urge you to say it with meaning. Hug them with an embrace that says although I am leaving I am so glad I am here now. Kiss your lover when you say goodbye as passionately as you did the first time you kissed. Let love fill all of the spaces of your being. Let it flow freely out of this form.

Love and the experience of being present are all that is left in the end. Letting go of the shoulds, the quest to possess and acquire. In the end, all that matters is the essence of our being. And in this essence, you are love free of form.

While you are in this form, what will you do with this precious time, with each sacred encounter, with moments that are abundant and yet as fleeting as a grain of sand being washed away into the sea?