Speak softly to your body. Let it hear loving words from the inside out.
Eventually, the negative conversation about your physical appearance subsides.

Speak Softly by Randi-Mae

Eventually, you will look at your stretch marks and wrinkles around your navel and say “I love you.”
Eventually, you look at your breasts and see their beauty.

Eventually, you will see the sacred geometry in the curls of your crown we call hair. And let it be free.
Eventually, you will see your body as a beautiful vessel that encases the light of your soul.
Eventually, the inner critic will have less to say.
But it starts with speaking softly to your body. Speaking softly to yourself.
Offer the first words of kindness.

How we speak to others matters. How we speak to children matters. How we speak to our friends and lovers matter. How we speak to ourselves is precious and sacred. I know it’s hard sometimes, but the first step begins with offering an olive branch of kind words and compassion to yourself. Some conversations are hard to start. When we start them we know they were worth it in the end because we realize the healing journey has begun.

Start the dialogue with your body today. It’s listening. Speak softly just like you would speak to a lover.

Happy Monday.

Love you.