In seeking balance, we realize that there are only moments.

In seeking tranquility, we recognize that it is not just a travel destination it is a place within us that can begin when we begin to be present in the here and now.

In seeking peace, we realize that before it manifests in the outer world, there is a sacred place within where still waters move deeply with ease, and we can visit it each time we breathe.

The sound of our inner bell calls us when it is time to shift, grow, and awaken.

We were born with it. It’s the sound and rhythm of the heart that beats and the sound of the air that moves through the body as we expand and contract our lungs with the breath of life.

We often strive for balance and perfection, and we feel the pressure to find it. In mindfulness, we explore the idea of non-striving. Sometimes our greatest lessons and growth arrive when we are in what appears to be out of balance. Or in moments when we just stop to breathe and be in the midst of chaos. These moments can call us home to be in alignment with the present moment and the energy of our soul, and bring us to our true destination.

{Breathing Deeply With Soul ©️Randi-Mae}