Martin Luther King Jr Day

mlk day

As we reflect on Martin Luther King Jr day we have an opportunity to set a new standard for how we see the world. How we wanted to interact with the world and the change we want to be in the world. As we look at these beautiful words and realize that only love can transform hatred we have a moment to bring this into our consciousness and actions.

The strength of one thought filled with hatred has the ability to transform an entire country, nation, community, school, business but most importantly the opportunity for a human being to know love.

When our thoughts are filled with anger and hatred combined towards another human being we don’t only deny them the opportunity to love, we also deny ourselves the opportunity to truly know love. When we divide and decide that one person is worthy of love and another is not, we deny ourselves the ability to experience unconditional love.

When we keep our hearts open to one another, we realize that we are all working on shedding love and light on the corners of our psyche that still lives in fear. Let’s be gentle and patient with one another on this journey called life.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.