Horticultural Therapy Program @ Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre


Sending a huge thank you to the Government of Canada New Horizons for Seniors Program for funding The Horticultural Therapy Project this year.

Horticultural Therapy is using nature as a point of connection to improve well-being. Caring for plants and being present with nature, indoors and outdoors. Including botanically inspired arts and crafts activities. We will be exploring nature walks, yoga, meditation in the garden, and trips that bring us closer to being present with the beauty of nature.

This Wednesday we made a salad with freshly picked produce from the on-site community garden. Red/white kale, radish leaves, parsley, and cucumbers. We added a lime and mangos, with a side of honey & oats bread. Together we created a meal and explored mindful eating.

I’m looking forward to facilitating this program. Come out and join us. All ages are welcome.

The program will be held every Wednesday from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at 627 Queen’s Quay West, Toronto, ON until March 2018.  For more information community@waterfrontnc.ca|416-392-1509 x409


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