Breathe into Peace

When tIMG_2356hings don’t seem to get easier, there is growth happening. No matter how many years we are chronologically we have more life to live. I don’t mean having more money, or another relationship or circumstance that we think is better. But the simple act of being present in the here and now.  Any situation is for a time. But throughout all of this remember. That no matter how much is going on around you, you can be the eye of the storm that calm space. Sit still and breathe for a moment. Being still to breathe is not a waste of time. It allows us to reconnect with our soul with the grounding energy inside so we can walk back into the storm aligned with our truth and fresh eyes.

Peace is always living inside of you. It’s just waiting for you to take a moment to greet it.

The emotional hearts weight and stress can be shifted. But it has its purpose. Our response to stress is an invitation to stop, breathe and reflect. And make the adjustment that aligns with the truth within.

You are a bright light. When in doubt reflect on all of the lives you have changed, support and enrich.

When in doubt, put your hand on your heart and say I love you. Feel that which lives within you. It is beautiful.

May peace be present in your heart where ever you are and whatever you are experiencing.

We are all on our journey learning and growing no one is exempted. So let’s be gentle with ourselves and each other.

Happy meditating.