Mindful Meditation Classes Sat Apr 29


Sat Apr 29 meditation classes

Missed a class? Don’t worry join me next Saturday April 29, 2017.

Register @ www.randimae.org/classes

Start your weekend with mindful meditation. Mindful meditation helps us to relax, get grounded and be present. Spend 45 minutes and discover that peace is present within you. I will facilitate a guided meditation that focuses on the breath with the intention of relaxation and calm. Join me and stress less. Bring your yoga mat and a blanket if you want to be cozy. If you have a favourite meditation cushion you are welcome to bring it. People often ask, how long will I be sitting for? 5 minutes of intro and getting settled. 5 minutes of setting intentions with a short reading to inspire us. 30 minutes of practice and 5 minutes to close.
This class is open to beginners and all levels. It’s simply a moment to be still and reconnect.
Looking forward to seeing you.
Have a lovely day!