“It becomes easier to share and receive gratitude, when we practice offering it to ourselves.”


Take a moment to say thank you to yourself today. Today you woke up and you showed up to greet life and all of the people and circumstances along the way.

We often say thank you to others and offer gratitude without a second thought. But sometimes to receive gratitude from another is a challenge. And to offer it to ourselves is difficult.

Take a moment today to close your eyes and get into a comfortable position. Enter a space where you will not be interrupted for 10 – 15 minutes. Take full deep breaths in allowing your chest to rise and expand. Take full exhalations allowing your shoulders to lower and your stomach to soften. You can say to yourself. “Thank you. Thank you for showing up in my darkest moments and in my brightest moments.” End with a smile. The beautiful smile you often share with others.

When you’re done make a list of 10 things you can do for yourself that would bring you a greater sense of self-love and gratitude. Think about the things that bring you a sense lot aliveness, peace, joy or love. They can be big or small. Try to do one thing on your list a day.

Happy Thursday!

Have a lovely day.


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