As we walk along this journey in this life, we will encounter many teachers. If we keep our hearts open we will find that our teachers come in many forms. Sometimes our teacher will stay with us and teach many things. And at times a teacher may have just one lesson to share and send us on our way.

Dr. Kofi Ghartey came into my life when I was in my late teens. He changed the course of my life. Kofi is an optician. He studied in Canada and returned to Accra in Ghana to create a clinic called Sight for Africa trying to ensure that eye care was accessible for all. But he is much more than an eye surgeon he is a humble teacher to many.

He taught me about the true beauty of meditation. His gentle way of being and the space he holds of non-judgment are qualities that I learned to appreciate and value greatly.

After we would meditate I remember looking at him and seeing and feeling joy, love, and just bliss emit from him. One day I couldn’t help it so I asked him. What does that feel like and how do you get there? His reply… “Joy lives abundantly within you, it is the mind trying to convince you otherwise.” I learned that day that joy and love are always within reach because it lives within you. You cannot buy it and you might not be able to touch it but it is there within you always waiting for you to be present with it.

Today I am truly grateful that this gentle and wise soul is alive, not just for me but for all of the lives he touches.

Find a teacher in your life and say thank you today.

Have a lovely day.


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