International Peace Day


Take a moment to celebrate International Peace Day.

No matter what the situation or circumstance may be in our outer world, we always have access to the abundance of peace within us. We just have to turn inside and seek it.

Close your eyes today and take 15 deep breaths  (or more) in allowing your chest to rise and your lungs to fill. And exhale slowly and gently allowing your shoulders to lower and your stomach to soften. As you breath in you can say the following affirmation.

“I Am Peace. Peace lives within me.” 

If this affirmation doesn’t resonate with you, you can simply allow your breath to guide you to stillness. Visualize the word peace in your mind as you breathe in and out.

If we can find the peace that lives within us, we can readily share it with everyone we meet and allow it to be present as we travel on our journey filled with twists and turns.

Have a lovely day. Happy International Peace Day.

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