Explore Your Passion

In our present time we are often hearing messages telling us to find our passion and make it our living. Passion is a beautiful word to say. The word itself is seductive and vibrant. When asked, what is your passion? What are you passionate about? How do you feel?

I don’t watch television much but my wonderful cousin sat with me and invited me to watch Chef’s Table.

This series is about food and much more. It’s about people who found the one true thing that opens up the doors to their soul and lets it bend and flex, sing and roar fearlessly. As you watch this show you’ll find people who create with every breath and beat of their heart. They live in the moment with every meal they make.

All of the chefs are beautiful human beings but these three people resonated with me the most. Niki Nakayama, Massimo Bottura, and Francis Mallmann. Niki brought her creativity and desire to create a unique experience for each person who attends her house of food. She keeps a record of every customer who attends her restaurant. Food is her language of expression. Massimo breathes and inhales every moment. He is a man who follows his heart in the kitchen and in his life. Francis reminds us of how important our relationship to life and experience is.

I would argue that there is no hierarchy when we think about passion. You may come alive when you are a gardener. You make come alive as you lay each stone as a landscaper as you watch the design begin to take shape. When you watch your students learn how to read or solve a math equation may delight you. When you provide emotional support to someone and you get to witness something beautiful shift inside of them. The moments when you don’t have to try to be in the present moment, your pure intention to create or provide a heartfelt service makes you behave no other way.

Watch and get inspired. Passion is when your purpose and creative soul dance together to the rhythm of life.

Veneration in daily life: Take a few minutes to list 5 moments in your life when you were doing something that was infused with passion.

Published by Randi-Mae

Hello and welcome! My name is Randi-Mae and I am a author, counselor and inspirational speaker, or simply a woman on a journey with a mission to help people, explore the journey to peace within and living with joy. From a young age I have always had a curiosity about life and purpose. I was blessed to have parents who instilled in me the idea of self love and the concept of “love thy self.” Whether they believed it or not it was the message that they were meant to give me as my parents that has always had a place within me. It is a one of the four principles I include while working with people. The foundation of my practice rests upon the following four principles. Love Meditation Visualization Motion My goal and purpose is to assist you with discovering your strength and intuition through tapping into the insight and wisdom you have gained along the way on your journey while you actively participate in the school of life through lessons and experiences. Have a lovely day. Randi-Mae

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