Why We Write Wednesdays #1

Happy WWWW (Why We Write Wednesdays)!

Every Wednesday we can get together on Blab.im and celebrate Why We Write Wednesdays. If you love to write, maybe you’re thinking about writing. Or perhaps you write in your journal daily. We all have a story to tell. So let’s celebrate it on Wednesdays and begin to write.

Words are so beautiful. They are like paint to a painter. Just as a painter may splatter hues of gold on to a canvass, writers can scatter words on to a page. Both the painter and the writer are expressing their emotions and vision through their hands, into the paint brush, spray can, pen or keyboard. The magic happens when the words lay on the page and the paint fills a spot that was once blank. The paint and letters come alive right before our eyes.

We can get caught up in the right way to craft the art that wants to enter the world from our soul. We can get stuck in not being good enough or have the right technique, we all have to start somewhere. The truth is if we start creating with our hearts open, it will be written all over the page for another heart to receive.

Veneration in daily life: Today honour the words that your soul wants to birth. Let them pour out freely and unedited. Follow along with the meditation and let the words flow.



Published by Randi-Mae

Hello and welcome! My name is Randi-Mae and I am a author, counselor and inspirational speaker, or simply a woman on a journey with a mission to help people, explore the journey to peace within and living with joy. From a young age I have always had a curiosity about life and purpose. I was blessed to have parents who instilled in me the idea of self love and the concept of “love thy self.” Whether they believed it or not it was the message that they were meant to give me as my parents that has always had a place within me. It is a one of the four principles I include while working with people. The foundation of my practice rests upon the following four principles. Love Meditation Visualization Motion My goal and purpose is to assist you with discovering your strength and intuition through tapping into the insight and wisdom you have gained along the way on your journey while you actively participate in the school of life through lessons and experiences. Have a lovely day. Randi-Mae

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